Emergency Roadside Assistance

24 Hour Emergency Towing Service

If your vehicle shuts down, pull over to a safe location. Call us, and we can have you towed in safely. Many insurance policies offer reimbursement for towing (check your policy). We’ll add the tow to the final repair bill. If you get stranded, don’t worry—we’ll get you to the shop. We can arrange flatbed towing of your vehicle to our shop. (Cost of towing will be added to the final repair bill.)

Call our emergency tow service at 713-899-1011.

Drop-Off Location: Cliff’s Auto Repair 17525 FM 529 Rd Houston, Texas 77095

After Hours

Fill out the after-hours form below. We have a key slot located at the front door. Please be sure to provide your contact information and a description of the problem before leaving your keys.

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